Tadano 16T Rough Terrain Slewing Crane

While many crane hire companies in Perth have a single Tom Thumb crane, at Myaree Crane Hire Perth we have four sizes to suit most requirements. Contact us for a lifting assessment and we’ll let you know which one will be best for your needs.


Tadano rough terrain min-slewing cranes are also commonly known as Tom Thumb Cranes or City Cranes.

These cranes make light work even in the must bumpy and ragged terrain.

Alongside the ability to roll over more or less any kind of ground out on site, slewing cranes are also able to zip in and out of awkward and restricted areas, while our 16T Tadano also lifts heavy loads with absolute ease. When it comes to adaptable and hard-hitting mobile crane hire, Tom Thumbs are hard to beat.

City cranes like our 16T Tadano come with a telescopic hydraulic boo, giving you the reach you need for most lifting tasks.

Crane Specs:

  • Crane Type: Slewing
  • Maximum Lifting Capacity: 16,000 kg
  • Maximum Lifting Height: 32m
  • Overall Length and Width: 8.23m x 2.2.m

Common Crane Uses

Tom Thumbs are a smart choice for most commercial, industrial and residential lifting projects. Agile and highly manoeuvrable, they can get into tight spots while lifting bulky furniture and equipment up onto higher floors. Tom Thumbs can be used for dual lifting if the load is too great for a single crane.

Out on the construction site, all-terrain city cranes combine the ability to get just about anywhere with the reach to get all your building supplies up onto higher levels. Bricks, Beams, Windows – whatever materials you have on site, we’ll move them quickly, easily, and safely.

City cranes also work well in an industrial setting, capable of zipping around restricted workshops and available in a range of capacities depending on the project at hand. Our Tom Thumb cranes are also a common sight in marinas across Perth.

Why Choose Myaree Crane Hire?

With so many options for crane hires in Perth, why should you place your trust in Myaree?

Young crane companies might be full of enthusiasm, but they lack the depth of expertise that can only be gained in the trenches. For more than 30 years, day in and day out, we’ve been helping construction companies, factories, boat owners, house owners and private individuals get heavy objects exactly where they need to be.

Since starting out in the mid-1980s, we’ve worked in the following areas:

From installing swimming pools to relocating whole factories, no job is too big or too small. Equally, if you just want a hefty couch lifted onto the second floor of your house, we won’t turn you down. We’ll arrive promptly and get your furniture moved in no time.

While we appreciate that speed is off the essence, it’s useless if the job isn’t carried out safely and in full accordance with OHSE regulations 1996. At Myaree, each and every one of our committed and driven and personnel is qualified, experienced, and ready to help in any way they can.

If you want a team you can count on not just now, but over the long-term, that’s great news. We want the same for our customers. We’re very confident that once you’ve seen one of our cranes in action, you’ll be back for more the next time you have any heavy lifting needs.