25T Franna Pick and Carry Crane

Pick-and-carry cranes, as the name suggests, let’s you grab whatever heavy materials you need on site, in the factory or down at the marina and then have them carried to wherever you want them with the hydraulics and book making light work of even outsized loads.

For pick-and-carry crane hire in Perth, Myaree Crane Hire has you covered.


The Mac 25 is one of our Franna cranes with a 25T capacity that’s designed to be worked hard without sacrificing comfort. With a 6-cylinder turbo-charged Mercedes engine, the Mac 25 is a powerful machine with outstanding reach.

Crane Specs:

  • Crane Type: pick-and-carry
  • Maximum Lifting Capacity: 25,000 kg
  • Maximum Lifting Height: 21m
  • Overall Length and Width: 9.98m x 2.72M

Common Crane Uses

The Franna MAC 25 crane is highly effective across multiple and heavy applications. It’s the perfect crane for picking and carrying loads like spa’s, swimming pools, timber packs or steel. Pick-and-carry cranes like our Franna Mac 25 ensure you lift and move whatever items you need into place above ground level.

On site, the Franna MAC 25 is absolutely ideal. Since you won’t be menaced by uneven ground conditions, Franna cranes can travel on sealed and unsealed roads to get to your construction site. Unlike some mobile cranes, pick-and-carry cranes don’t have any stabilisers or legs. They’ll pick up and drop your load, and then head on to the next job, making them perfect for Perth and the metro area, where travelling lengthy distances is the norm. Whether you want bricks, roofing materials, or pre-cast steel lifting, we’ve got the Franna crane hire to match.

Pick-and-carry cranes like our Mac 25 also work brilliantly in a commercial or marine environment. The Franna crane is a truly versatile workhorse.

Why Choose Myaree Crane for franna crane Hire?

We’ll start by summarising some of the diverse areas in which you can benefit from our crane hire services.

  • Commercial Crane Hire
  • Heavy Lift Crane Hire
  • Construction Crane Hire
  • Dual-Lifting Crane Hire
  • Machinery and Gensets Relocation
  • Marine Crane Hire
  • Residential Crane Hire

If so, we’ve got 30 years in the trenches helping people just like you. You can enjoy the benefits of a big company without losing out on that personal touch. Since proper planning is key, we’ll get things started with a lifting assessment. If you want a small crane for a simple project, we’ll get it to you without delay.

All our drivers are fully compliant with OHSE regulations 1996 throughout every aspect of their work. They are all carry High Risk Work Licenses so you can get the job done quickly, safely and on time with a clean conscience.

We’ve got Franna Cranes, Tadano Tom Thumbs, All Terrain De Mag Crane and all the extras you might need for when the going gets tough. All of our cranes are recent models and are perfectly maintained.

Family-owned and family-run companies are becoming less common, but here at Myaree Crane Hire the only thing that’s changed since we started out three decades ago is the size of our fleet.  When you’re looking for crane hire companies in Perth, contact Myaree Crane Hire.